Hiome Starter Kit Pre-Order


Choose your starter kit.

You need one sensor per door.

Hiome Core + 1 Hiome Door sensor

Try out Hiome in a small room with a single door.


Hiome Core + 2 Hiome Door sensors Most Popular

Automate a larger room by adding Hiome to all of its doors.


Hiome Core + 5 Hiome Door sensors

Cover multiple rooms to make your lights follow you from room to room!


Hiome Core + 10 Hiome Door sensors

Automate your whole home for a truly smart home experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hiome Door fit on my door?

Hiome Door is designed to fit most standard door frames. Your frame needs to be at least 1" (2.5cm) deep, at most 80" (2 meters) wide, and between 6-12ft (1.8-3.6 meters) tall. An actual door is not required, just the doorway is important. If you're not sure, feel free to email us a picture of your door frame and we'll let you know!

How many Hiome Door sensors do I need?

You can get started with just one, but Hiome works better with more sensors. Make your lights follow you from room to room by adding a Hiome Door sensor on every door.

Can I buy more Hiome Door sensors later?

Of course! Once we have fulfilled all pre-orders, we'll open up orders for additional sensors without the Starter Kit.

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