Unlock the full power of your smart home.

Supercharge your automations with true occupancy sensing. Make your home respond to you, not the other way around.

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A whole new type of occupancy sensor.

Hiome Door is a small sensor for your door, a giant leap for your automations. It knows exactly how many people are in each room, even if you haven't moved for hours. Your lights stay on while you're in the room, and immediately turn off when you leave. No more waving your arms around in the dark.

Rethink what your smart home can do with true occupancy detection that just works.
Get spoiled by how quickly your home reacts to you. You'll think it's actually alive.
Private By DesignPrivate By Design
Your data is processed locally for the best privacy, security, and speed.

Precision engineered for accuracy.

Hiome Door is a unique thermal sensor with 65 sensing points to reliably detect you. It sits in your door frame to count entries and exits, so it doesn't matter how big your room is. It also doubles as a door contact sensor, telling you if the door is open or closed.

Fast. Really fast.

Hiome Door processes changes in occupancy every 100 milliseconds. For comparison, the human eye takes 300ms to blink. Your home should respond to you, not a motion timer.

Built for privacy.

There are no cameras or microphones. In fact, Hiome Door can't see in your room at all. Instead, it detects body heat near the door to know when somebody enters or exits. There's nothing to carry, so your home works for your guests too. All this in a device so small, you'll forget it's even there.

Smarter together.

Make your lights follow you from room to room by connecting more doors. Hiome Door talks to Hiome Core, the brains of the Hiome system, to seamlessly sync all of your sensors. Your automations keep working even if your room has multiple doors, and the lights only turn off when the last person leaves.

Rethink what your home can do.

Hiome Door works with Philips Hue, HomeKit1, and MQTT, so you can make any automation you can think of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hiome Door differ from motion sensors?

Ever had to wave your arms to turn the lights back on, or wait for them to turn off after you leave? That’s because motion sensors detect motion, not occupancy. They can try to guess at occupancy based on when they last saw motion, but that creates false negatives and delays in your automations. Hiome Door detects actual occupancy, whether or not you're moving.

Why not just use a voice assistant?

Controlling your home with your voice feels magical at first, but it quickly becomes tiring and repetitive. As the number of connected devices in your home grows, the complexity of remembering every name and command becomes overwhelming, making it feel like a command-line interface. Grandpa shouldn't have to remember what you named the pendant lights in the living room.

How do you install Hiome Door?

Hiome Door is simple to install! Just stick the sensor to the bottom of your door frame and plug it in. There's no batteries to replace. Instead, we include a 20 foot (6 meter) microUSB cable, slim power adapter, and gaffer tape, the premium cotton mask that Hollywood uses to hide wires on movie sets. You'll be surprised how invisible everything is.

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